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Altitude Safety was founded in 2009 with a vision to deliver quality safety equipment solutions for confined spaces, hazardous areas, working at height and cable detection to the market place. Started by a Safety Equipment Engineer, Altitude’s focus was on providing quality equipment whether it be via service, purchase, or hire solutions. After a period ...

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Why monitoring oxygen doesn’t protect from carbon dioxide

24/05/2017 Gas Detection

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is gas used or produced in many industries, if not directly in the products, in cooling and refrigeration systems. Possibly because of its association with breathing (we breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2), the toxic nature of CO2 is not always appreciated. As a result, some believe that the level of oxygen ...

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Why you shouldn’t spark up

10/05/2017 Gas Detection

This article was first posted on Crowcon. Think back to the last time you wanted to test your flammable gas detector. You’re busy; you want something quick and convenient. An obvious answer is a cigarette lighter, isn’t it? A quick squirt of gas should do the job. Shouldn’t it? If ‘the job’ is ruining your ...

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Pellistor Sensors – All you need to know

21/02/2017 Gas Detection

This article was first posted on Crowcon. Pellistor sensors (or catalytic bead sensors) have been the primary technology for detecting flammable gases since the ‘60s. Despite having discussed several issues relating to the detection of flammable gases and VOC, we have not yet looked at how pellistors work. To make up for this, we are ...

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