13/08/2018 Gas Detection

On 21/08/2018, the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) will adopt the EU Directive 2017/164 which establishes ‘indicative occupational exposure limit values’ (IOELVs) for a number of toxic substances.

All your portable gas monitors will need to be updated to the new alarm levels. For a limited time only, Altitude Safety are offering a completely free of charge update to any customer, even if you didn’t originally purchase the unit from us!

Call 03332 07 66 22 or email to book in your free update.

What products does this change apply to?
All portable gas detection products.

How does this affect my current gas monitors?
To comply with the new TWA and STEL alarms limits, all your gas monitors will need to be updated by 21/08/2018.

Does the new directive affect my fixed gas detection systems?
In short, no. Fixed gas detectors only utilise ‘instantaneous’ alarms as they are not worn by the user and therefore cannot measure an individuals’ exposure to gas over time.

What if I have just purchased a gas monitor and it’s not set to the new alarms levels?
From the 21/08/2018 manufacturers should start producing any new gas monitors with the new alarm levels pre-programmed in. If you have just brought one and it’s programmed with the old alarm levels, Altitude is offering a completely FOC update, even if you didn’t purchase the unit from us!

Call 03332 07 66 22 or email to book in your free update.

How do I know if my gas detectors are programmed with the new alarm levels?
Some portable monitors will allow users to check the levels in their menu screens. However, they will still need to be re-calibrated by an authorised service centre. So, if you are unsure please contact us and we will check for you as well as update them at the same time!

What gases are affected and where can I read about the new levels?
To read the official directive, along with a full list of gases and their new values click here.

What if a gas is not listed in the Directive?
TWA alarms for gases are not listed, they remain as previously configured and are based on the Directive/EH40 levels.

Jargon Buster!

  • WEL = Workplace Exposure Limits
  • IOELVs = Indicative Occupational Exposure Limit Values
  • STEL = (short-term exposure limit): a 15 minute limit
  • LTEL = (long-term exposure limit): an 8-hour limit
  • TWA Alarm = Time Weighted Average Alarm
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