A 360° Solution to Workplace Safety

Retaining their respective focus in Safety Equipment and Training, Altitude Safety & Citrus Training combine, to provide a unique, admired, extremely effective and complete safety solution, trusted by UK industry nationwide.

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A 360 solution to safety which brings together Altitude Safety's 10,000 product lines with Citrus Traning's 200 courses, 183 training venues with 24 hour delivery whilst retaining the independent advice & guidance from our specialist technical teams.

Whichever service you need and whichever technical team you talk to, you’ll find the 360° solution is also about customer service, ensuring you get a personalised and consistent experience, no matter who we engage with within your business.

If you are already enjoying our latest 360° safety solutions, we trust you are enjoying the benefits. Of course please let us know if we can do more. If not, ask any of our team about 360° safety today, you will almost certainly find the approach is a more efficient and cost-effective route to workplace safety solutions. We look forward to working with you.

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