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Last week we communicated the substantial precautions we are taking to protect the safety of our employees, customers, partners and general public against Coronavirus (COVID-19). This remains our top priority.

You may have seen an update from our parent company Citrus Training. They have taken some substantial additional measures to ensure they play their part in controlling the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The nature of training is the coming together of people and they train over 36,000 delegates Nationally, so their control measures have to a be appropriate to their activity.

Given the nature of our business, we deal with safety equipment not classrooms of people, so our precautions differ. Whilst we operate from some of the same offices, we are remaining open for business until such time directives from the Government escalate.

The supply of specialist PPE is critical in supporting the safety and health of our customers and their key workers whilst they work. We are still operating under the stringent control measures we have had in place for some time, to ensure your equipment arrives to you under the safest conditions possible.

Where possible we have implemented our working from home policy, and where staff are required to be in offices, we have reviewed the working environment to ensure it conforms to the current social distancing guidelines.

Many of our customers are critical in delivering the Country’s infrastructure efforts or key services that keep the country running and we are still here to support them through what is a difficult period for the country.

Contact our Safety Equipment Solutions Team today on 03332 07 66 22 or email

Kind Regards

Altitude Safety Leadership Team

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