The Derope™ descender is designed for use on sites located at heights which could require emergency evacuation, such as wind turbines, aerial cable cars, derricks, etc The Derope™ descenders are also intended for use by rescuers in hazardous environments, in particular the Derope™ UP A – UP B – UP K – UP R versions which are equipped with a winch for rescue by upward evacuation. Derope™ UP A is a descender equipped with a rescue winch enabling upward and downward evacuation For repeated descents, use of the Derope™ descender is limited for load, descent height and number of repeated descents please refer to data sheet for further information.
  • The system allows for sequencing several consecutive round-trip descents, thus making it possible to descend groups of persons, while monitoring the maximum number of consecutive descents authorized
  • Various Lengths of Derope Rope Kits
CE Certification:
  • N°: 0082/352/160/03/09/010122
  • EN 341 A: 2002

Tractel Derope UPA

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