Latchways Overhead Systems – Single and Multi-Span

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Latchways overhead systems deliver maximum accessibility and hands-free mobility, not to mention ease of use and simple installation. The overhead systems house Constant Force energy absorber controls back to the structure. Ideal for industrial environments and in applications such as warehouses, loading bays and aeroplane hangers. Prices for this system is available on application - please contact us for more information


The Latchways overhead systems - single and multi-span
  • Inline Constant Force technology energy absorber ensures that maximum load on the worker and end anchor in even of a fall does not exceed 40,000 lbf
  • System cable is tensioned to 1,00 lbf to prevent cable sag and possible whiplash in event of fall.
  • Mobile anchorage glides freely through intermediate cable guides.
  • The system uses 1 x 19 stainless steel .31” cable. Cable has low stretch properties and breaking strength exceeding 10,000 lbf
  • Can be a single or multi-span system
  • Up to 3 workers at a time

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